Sunday, October 7, 2012

How Stupid Are People Who Waste Their Votes on Romney or Obama?

How stupid are people who waste their votes on Romney or Obama? Voters are discouraged from voting for third-party candidates by being told that to vote for a person who will not win is to waste a vote. This is ridiculous. You should vote for the person who you think is the best candidate.

There will be no difference in how the US is run whether Obama or Romney wins the election. Thus, a vote for either of these candidates is a wasted vote. Romney and Obama are both beholden to the fraction of the 1% that uses the American Empire for their personal gain and at the expense of the American people and people all over the world. Whether Obama or Romney wins there will be more war, more Wall Street theft and more erosion of freedom and quality of life in America.

If you are part of that block of voters that the Democrats and Republicans think they own, why do you think they'd ever do anything to represent your interests? If your city always votes for the Blue candidate, the Blue party takes you for granted. If your state always votes for the Red candidate, the Red party takes you for granted. If you want to count, you have to stand up and be heard.

I encourage you not to waste your vote. Vote for a person with a conscience and who you believe would do the best job if elected.