Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Stupid Are Republicans?

How stupid are Republicans? The Republicans chose a Wall St criminal for their candidate for president. Wall St criminals destroyed the American way of life and the American economy. No sane voter would choose a Wall St criminal for president.

I'm not arguing that the offering from the Democrats is any better. The blue can of diarrhea is the worst president in the history of the US. However, the Democrats have as their excuse that he is their current offering, and to change that offering would be to admit that he is a failure.  From the perspective of Obama's owners (Blankfein, Dimon, Corzine, et al), Obama has been a great success. Obama has shackled and screwed the average American per his masters' instructions.

What I am suggesting is that in a country where there are only two choices permitted, it makes sense for those few deciding who the approved candidates will be to offer an indistinguishable choice. When pried away from gazing into a mirror or selecting human targets for his fleet of drones, Obama does the bidding of Wall St criminals. Now to cut-out the middleman, the voters' approved alternative is a Wall St criminal.

I always vote and more often for Republicans than Democrats. In 2008 Bush (the child) was the worst president in the history of the US, and I did not vote for Obama.  Obama has been an even worse president, but I will NOT vote for Romney. I will NOT vote for a Wall St criminal. I've spoken about this with a number of my friends who call themselves Republicans. The nicest thing any of them said about Romney is that he isn't Obama.

Blue can of diarrhea or red can of diarrhea? What's on your menu?

I will not vote for a can of diarrhea.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How Stupid are "Free Jon Corzine" Activists?

Some of the not corporate-controlled websites show a grass-roots effort to free Jon Corzine from captivity resulting from a small misunderstanding of not quite $2 billion.  How stupid are the Free Jon Corzine Activists?

Corzine is a reputable Made Man who has avoided the heart-stopping fate that befell the Honorable Ken Lay.  Corzine is a Godfather Emeritus of the Goldman Sachs Crime Family (which is an honor he shares with Robert Rubin and Henry "Martial Law" Paulson.  He also served the people as governor and senator from the great state of New Jersey.  Corzine is Joe "Chains" Biden's go-to-guy on all matters of finance and would've been Turbo Tim's replacement if not for the minor inconvenience of MF Global minions failing to properly implement Corzine's deep concern for the little people.

Corzine did suffer the indignity of being called before those who are not his peers at something less than the House of Lords, but he showed them his contempt through not remembering anything and by not being charged with perjury for the little he did remember.  Corzine has been reviewing the fine print of the biggest deal of his life which was made with Beezelbub, and he was disappointed to learn that a footnote states in Latin that he is destined to be ugly despite his Fabio-wannabe hairstyle.

Those stupid Free Jon Corzine Activists should remember that Corzine is free and has not been charged with any crime.  If they want to do some good, they should contact all of Corzine's former and current clients with a letter appealing for donations to be used to repurchase poor Jon Corzine's soul.

How Stupid Are People Who Try To Do Good?

A friend has taken up the challenge to find more good works than "how stupid" things there are in this world.  Good luck with that!

Monday, August 13, 2012

How Stupid Are Americans?

Cocktail napkin charts that ask, "Just how stupid are Americans?"

Voting in the USA is like standing in front of a vending machine with two buttons.  Push the blue "Democrat" button and out drops a blue can of diarrhea.  Push the red "Republican" button and a red can of diarrhea is delivered.

If you know somebody who believes that it makes the slightest difference whether the next "elected" Puppet of Wall Street / Leader of the Free World / Teleprompter Reader / Packaged Diarrhea comes with a red or blue label, please send that person a link to this page.

If you don't enjoy being served a colorful can of diarrhea, stop playing along with the fiction that there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans.  Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances and people that you have yet to become your friends that if they think it makes the slightest difference whether Romney or Obama wins in November that they are buying a can of diarrhea.