Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Stupid Are TV Networks?

How stupid are the American television networks?  The American television networks broadcast presidential debates, but they forgot to invite the candidates who have something to say.

I don't know about you, but I didn't bother to watch any of the mainstream media presidential debates.  Listening to the Blue candidate drone on about bullshit or listening to the Red candidate salivate about some other shit is not a good use of my time. Why? What both of them say has pretty much nothing to do with what they do.  What is worth watching is this four minute summary of the debates.

However, there are some interesting folks running for president, and it turns out that Russia Today is going to host a debate for four of them.  Now that is something that would be worth watching.

How stupid are those American television networks?  They can't even figure out who is running for president. Oh well, it doesn't really matter because American television networks are dinosaurs, and their era is almost finished.

P.S. No wonder there was no candidate with anything to say at the sham-debates.  A not approved (by the establishment) candidate was arrested at the front door.

P.P.S. Jim Lehrer, how does it feel to be moderating for a couple of muppets?  Does it make you question if you are a journalist or an accomplice in a fraud?  Jim, if you weren't aware, these are the ground rules for the debate.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

How Stupid Are People Who Waste Their Votes on Romney or Obama?

How stupid are people who waste their votes on Romney or Obama? Voters are discouraged from voting for third-party candidates by being told that to vote for a person who will not win is to waste a vote. This is ridiculous. You should vote for the person who you think is the best candidate.

There will be no difference in how the US is run whether Obama or Romney wins the election. Thus, a vote for either of these candidates is a wasted vote. Romney and Obama are both beholden to the fraction of the 1% that uses the American Empire for their personal gain and at the expense of the American people and people all over the world. Whether Obama or Romney wins there will be more war, more Wall Street theft and more erosion of freedom and quality of life in America.

If you are part of that block of voters that the Democrats and Republicans think they own, why do you think they'd ever do anything to represent your interests? If your city always votes for the Blue candidate, the Blue party takes you for granted. If your state always votes for the Red candidate, the Red party takes you for granted. If you want to count, you have to stand up and be heard.

I encourage you not to waste your vote. Vote for a person with a conscience and who you believe would do the best job if elected.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Stupid Are Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker Users?

How stupid are Obama 2012 bumper sticker users? Obama has demonstrated that he is Bush's third term. Why don't people just put old Obama 2008 stickers on their car and celebrate their hopey, changey aspirations of four years ago?

Living near a bunch of retired, rich, white people in a city in the US that traditionally votes for the candidate with the blue label, I find that I see too many expensive, new cars with Obama 2012 bumper stickers. (BTW, one is too many.) My observations suggest that if you drive near me and you have an Obama 2012 sticker, you are most likely a female baby boomer with a car that costs too much for an average working American to afford. I haven't noticed many of these Obama 2012 stickers on the cars of the poorer, younger people who work for a living and enable the luxury-filled lives of these rich, retired people. I admit that some of these younger people have older cars with Obama 2008 stickers.

I have sympathy for people with an Obama 2008 sticker. They wanted a change from the Bush regime. They bought the advertised image of hope and change. There was no delivery of anything good by Obama.  Maybe the people with the Obama 2008 stickers want the candidate who ran four years ago.

Obama claims that he can assassinate, torture, indefinitely imprison without charge anybody who he damn well pleases. I didn't know that murder, torture and kidnapping were "hippie values", not even for rich, flag-waving, Social Security-sucking hippies. The other day I saw an Obama 2012 bumper sticker on the new Volvo station wagon of a 60-something woman. Her car had a few other stickers, too. The most prominent one advertised that she is a "Hippie Chick." This post is for her. If you know somebody stupid enough to have an Obama 2012 sticker on her car, please send her a link to this post.

I have more sympathy for people with Romney stickers. These people are suffering from the 2012 edition of the hopey, changey delusion. I'm no fan of Romney or any other Wall Street criminal. If you know of a person who suffers from the delusion that Romney will be good for them or for America, please send him a link to this post.

I'm sure there are some people who will benefit from Romney and from Obama. What I don't know is whether they have Romney / Obama stickers on the back of their private jets.