Thursday, November 8, 2012

How Stupid Are Karl Rove and Friends?

Karl-rolling is sweeping the world.  Streetside Karl-rolling: Karl Rove War Criminal Bullhorning.

How stupid are Karl Rove and the kleptocrats who funded his organization?  By selecting a Wall Street criminal as their candidate for president, they lost.  They lost despite running against the worst president in the history of the United States.  Karl Rove, you lost.

Sensible Americans refused to vote for a representative from the class that has been raping and pillaging America for too long.

A metaphor, ten seconds and Karl Rove's influence is gone: "pull it."

Karl Rove, you lost and that is one of the few good outcomes of the election of 2012.

Words created in honor of Karl Rove.

Karl Rove - verb - to fail on an epic scale as a result of hubris.

Karl Rovian - adjective - characterized as an epic failure resulting from hubris.

Diminutive forms. Some failures are relatively insignificant, and the use of Karl Rove to describe these is inappropriate. For instance if your high school basketball team loses the state championship because you score for the other team, use of Karl Rove would be inappropriate. For diminutive failures, use the word Rove or Rovian. As an example: Sorry guys, I had all the lifeboats removed from the Titanic, so there would be more space to store my ego. I guess I Roved it, again.

Use of Karl Rove and Karl Rovian in languages other than English. No translation is necessary. Not even in French.

Quelle surprise. Il a Karl Roved l'élection.

Use Karl Rove in your language.  It is fun.

Was eine Überraschung. Er hat die Wahl Karl Roved.
Sorpriża. Huwa Karl Roved l-elezzjoni.
Beth syndod. Mae'n Karl Roved yr etholiad.
શું આશ્ચર્ય. તેમણે કાર્લ ચૂંટણી Roved.
Ni mshangao. Yeye Karl Roved uchaguzi.
Vilken överraskning. Han Karl Roved valet.
چه جای تعجب. او کارل Roved از انتخابات است.
O que uma surpresa. Ele Karl Roved a eleição.
Mikä yllätys. Hän Karl Roved vaalit.
וואָס אַ יבערראַשן. ער קארל ראָוועד די וואַלן.
Што изненадување. Тој Карл Roved на изборите.
क्या एक आश्चर्य है. उन्होंने कार्ल चुनाव Roved.
Ito'y isang sorpresa. Siya Karl Roved ang halalan.
ช่างน่าประหลาดใจ เขาคาร์ล Roved เลือกตั้ง
Wat 'n verrassing. Hy Karl Roved die verkiesing.
Qué sorpresa. Él Karl Roved la elección.
Nə sürpriz. O, Karl seçki Roved.
Kisa ki yon sipriz. Li Roved Karl eleksyon an.
איזו הפתעה. קרל הוא שוטט בבחירות.
Apa yang mengejutkan. Dia Karl Roved pemilu.
Kakšno presenečenje. On Karl Roved na volitvah.
Che sorpresa. Ha Karl Roved le elezioni
يا لها من مفاجأة. انه ثبتت فعاليتها كارل الانتخابات.
For en overraskelse. Han Karl Roved valget.
해가 서쪽에서 뜨 겠네. 그는 칼은 선거 Roved.
Cad a iontas. Roved Karl an toghchán.
Milline üllatus. Ta Karl Roved valimisi.
Τι έκπληξη. Ο Karl Roved την εκλογή.
Welke een verrassing. Hij Karl Roved de verkiezing.
Çfarë një surprizë. Ai Karl Roved zgjedhjet.
Co za niespodzianka. On Karl Roved wybory.
Abin mamaki. Ya Karl Roved zaɓen.
Какой сюрприз. Он бродил Карл выборов.
Hvað á óvart. Hann Karl Roved kosningarnar.
Kia surprizo. Li Karl Roved la elekto.

Karl Rove er drittsekk. Han stinker Quisling.

A new Internet Phenomenon: Karl-rolling

Karl-rolling has replaced Rick-rolling as the newest Internet phenomenon. Karl-rolling is easy, fun, healthy and improves the environment. Create a link or a webpage that describes the complete and total failure of Karl Rove and spread your message as widely as possible. After all, there is nothing that pleases Karl Rove more than epic failure resulting from hubris.